Referral Process

Most consult requests can be seen the same day. To expedite patient processing, please fax the following information to (719) 247-5437.

For Radiation Treatment

  • Demographic information
  • Legible copy of Insurance Card & ID
  • History & Physical (initial & recent)
  • Pathology reports
  • Biopsy reports
  • CT, MRI and/or Bone Scan results
  • If prostate cancer, all PSAs, including post-surgical analysis
  • Regular lab results from the last two months
  • Medical Oncology notes
  • Operation notes

For Diagnostic CTs

  • Physician Orders (if diagnosis is HEMATURIA, please specify if it is MICRO or GROSS)
  • Demographic Information
  • Legible copy of Insurance Card & ID
  • History & Physical or last consult note
  • For patients over 50, or those who have diabetes, hypertension, renal disease or high blood pressure being referred for CT with Contrast, we will need the following labs PRIOR to scheduling the patient:
  • CREATININE (drawn within 30 days)

We appreciate your referral!